GST/HST recovery, part 2: Restricted recoveries

Receive essential knowledge in the area of restricted recoveries of Canadian sales taxes.

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Many businesses of all sizes continue to misunderstand and overlook restricted expenses.

In part 2 of our GST/HST Recovery series, presenter Diane Gaudon, FCPA, FCGA, focuses on the general restricted expenses applicable to the GST and HST that reduce sales tax recoveries.

She provides an overview of the restricted expenses accompanied by common everyday examples to illustrate key technical issues, and also includes information on:

  • meals and entertainment
  • automobiles
  • gifts for personal use
  • other expenses commonly purchased by businesses

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • GST/HST restricted expenses through numerous examples
  • how to avoid common exposures related to employee expense reimbursements
  • how to avoid pitfalls and reduce audit exposures, while maximizing tax recoveries

Who should attend?

  • sales tax planners
  • business planners
  • business consultants

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Learn the basics on GST/HST recovery rules to help your clients maximize tax recovery and reduce exposures.


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