GST/HST place of supply rules, part 2: Focus on HST

Learn how to apply Canadian HST place of supply rules in part 2 of our two-part webinar series on GST/HST.

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Place of supply rules determine the GST or HST tax rate applicable on sales across Canadian provinces. Tax rate determinations can be unclear in some circumstances, especially as there are different and consistently changing rates across the country.

In this second of our two-part series, Canadian sales tax expert Diane Gaudon, FCPA, FCGA, focuses on the HST place of supply rules and reviews the key concepts to understanding and interpreting these sometimes very complex rules.

HST place of supply rules are not the same as the GST place of supply rules, and if the tax collected is incorrect, your clients may be subject to audit assessments. Diane discusses the significance of multiple HST rates, single supply versus multiple and gives an overview of goods and services.

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You will learn about:

  • how to determine if a supply is made inside or outside a HST province
  • what tax rate to use in varying situations
  • the complexities of determining the HST rate for supplies of services and intangible personal property
  • how to avoid costly audit exposure assessments on the sale of taxable goods

Who should attend?

  • financial professionals
  • business professionals
  • sales tax consultants

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