GST/HST for charities

Discover the specific GST/HST rules that apply to charities so you can provide expert guidance to your charitable organization clients.

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The rules for GST/HST can be challenging for many organizations—particularly charities—because most of their supplies are exempt.

Non-compliance is a large problem since the rules are very complex and, in many instances, maintaining the records falls to a few employees or volunteers who may not be aware of the special rules.

This webinar will give you the foundation you need to understand the general and special rules that apply specifically to charities for GST/HST purposes.

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4 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the definition of a charity for GST purposes
  • specific rules for common taxable and exempt supplies
  • the mandatory net tax calculation
  • tax recovery allocation rules when dealing with mixed supplies
  • rebate filing requirements for both registrants and non-registrants
  • general GST/HST issues

Who should attend?

  • tax practitioners
  • tax consultants

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