Corporate tax update 2015-2016

Stay informed on how to minimize Canadian corporate tax exposure with our online federal corporate tax update.

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Keeping pace with hot-button corporate tax issues such as federal budgets, changes to federal taxation policies, directional issues of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as well as tax decisions from the courts is a challenge for practitioners, controllers, and all professionals involved with corporate tax compliance.

At the same time, penalty applications by the CRA for a host of circumstances appear to be increasing dramatically and we are seeing an increase in corporate employees being treated as ad hoc directors, where they are assessed personally using the director’s liability provision for the corporation’s debt.

This webinar will keep you updated on the very latest corporate federal income tax issues to help you minimize the risk of corporate tax exposure.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • business and corporate tax issues in the 2015 federal budget
  • how directional issues of the CRA relate to current audit activities affecting corporations
  • the CRA’s recent administrative policies
  • areas of risk as they relate to ad hoc directors
  • recent court decisions and how they could impact corporations

Who should attend?

  • corporate income tax planners
  • controllers
  • tax practitioners
  • tax consultants

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Presentation outline
2015 budget subjects as well as an update of outstanding 2014 budget proposals

Directional issues
This section will explore a number of projects and audit initiatives that could affect corporations as well as help preparers in assessing risk when advising their employer or their client.

Policy issues
This section will explore a number of policy issues/statements from CRA covering areas.

Recent cases
This section will explore a number of recent court decisions that could impact on corporations including the 2015 Supreme Court decision regarding the Tax Preparer Penalty.



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