How to effectively engage with shareholders

Learn strategies and techniques for your organization’s board to engage with shareholders more effectively and efficiently.

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Company boards are under pressure to engage more frequently and meaningfully with shareholders, and to provide them more information on how the business is run.

Learn what you need to know about this key aspect of your board’s fiduciary oversight responsibility with Shareholder Engagement. This webinar provides shareholders with the information they need to make reasoned decisions about your organization’s governance and future.

How this information will serve you:

  • expand your understanding of best practices in shareholder engagement
  • gain strategies to improve your organization’s shareholder engagement practices
  • be better positioned to build shareholder trust and goodwill

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You will learn about:

  • the purpose and scope of shareholder engagement
  • regulatory, policy and social trends driving increased shareholder engagement
  • the role of an organization’s board in communicating with shareholders
  • ideas for enhancing how your board engages with shareholders
  • the benefits and risks of greater engagement with shareholders
  • considerations for developing a shareholder engagement policy

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