Finance professionals leading change

This engaging and highly practical webinar shows what you, as a financial professional, can do to lead strategic change in your organization.

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Finance is one of the three primary business functions that affect everyone in an organization. Whether financial professionals are driving changes across the organization or dealing with financial changes driven by IT, operations or any other group, they have a major obligation to lead change successfully.

Given that the average success rate for significant fiscal change in most companies is about 35 per cent, it is critical that financial leaders are equipped with a solid understanding of how to fulfill their role in successfully leading change management.

Instructors will share an integrated approach to leading change that weaves together the essential components of strategy, change, transition and communication. They will also introduce several easy-to-use tools that you can apply to current changes already underway in your organization.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • analyze the essentials for leading change successfully
  • apply practical tools to current challenges in your changing organization
  • outline a plan to increase your capacity to lead change more effectively

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