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Not-for-profit certificate program

If you’re embarking on a career in the NFP sector, or are already working in it now but want to take your skillset to the next level, these certificates can help you get there.

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As a CPA, you already understand how governance, strategic planning and the finance function are critical to the success of an organization. Not-for-profits and charities are no exception. Help make a difference and hone your skills for the NFP sector in one of our two specialized online certificate programs.

For those who want to build in leadership, finance and accounting for the not-for-profit sector, NFP Certificate I: Foundational Concepts  is an ideal starting point. It includes seven courses that focus on practical and proven approaches to topics such as financial statements, fund accounting and board oversight.

If you already have experience in the sector and are prepared to take a deeper dive on intermediate to advanced topics—or if you’re done with the first certificate and ready for your next challenge—then NFP Certificate II: Managing Strategy and Risk is the more appropriate option. With the inclusion of five courses, it covers practice areas like risk management, operations, budgeting and linking mission to growth.

Both programs can be completed individually. If purchased together, you will receive a 15 per cent discount. However, should you decide to enroll in NFP Certificate I first and then enroll in NFP Certificate II, you will receive 10 per cent off the price of NFP Certificate II.

Note: Some material in NFP Certificate I is currently being updated by our team, including broken links and the integration of new resources. Thank you for your patience.