Rolling forecasts part 1: A window to the future

Learn the benefits of creating a rolling forecast and how you can implement one at your organization.

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In today’s fast-paced and globally connected environment, the traditional fiscal year-end forecast is of minimal value. In contrast, a rolling forecast allows financial professionals to play a leading role in strategic discussions by providing management with a range of possibilities that are dependent on:

  • market conditions
  • operational decisions
  • the actions of competitors
  • potential risk events

This session will outline the key success factors and best practices with respect to implementing a rolling forecast. For a more in-depth discussion of the concepts introduced in this webinar, you are encouraged to attend Rolling Forecasts Part 2: Implementation. This fee-based webinar uses a case study to demonstrate how to implement a rolling forecast.

Participate in this webinar to:

  • learn the benefits and qualities of a rolling forecast
  • understand the key factors to successfully implement a rolling forecast
  • avoid the potential pitfalls in implementations
  • understand how rolling forecasts are similar to and differ from other approaches to planning and budgeting
  • position your organization to implement rolling forecasting

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