Capital budgeting: Effectively analyzing key business decisions

Capital budgeting is a dynamic process that involves investing organizational resources to achieve future benefit and returns. This webinar covers traditional financial factors and other key variables to ensure the best value for your business.

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Capital budgeting is vital to any business regardless of size because it creates accountability and measurability. It also provides financial analysis to support key business decisions.

Businesses must understand the risks and returns involved to measure the effectiveness of their investments, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. This webinar is designed to give an overview of capital budgeting, including other factors and considerations to explore for successful and informed decision-making.

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You will learn about:

  • how to understand what capital budgeting is and why it matters
  • what factors increase risk in the capital budgeting process
  • six ways capital budgeting can contribute value to organizations
  • how to evaluate the desirability of a capital investment
  • key components for a robust capital budgeting process

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