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Business man building dynamic scenario-based forecast with laptop and calculator

Building a dynamic, scenario-based forecast

A modern forecast that is dynamic and flexible can significantly improve your ability to account for multiple scenarios and assess the impact of business decisions.

A modern forecast needs to be dynamic and flexible, considering multiple scenarios so you can predict their impacts on your business in both the short and long run. Unfortunately, today’s budget processes are usually slow and static, and attempting to change most models is a tedious process.

It is a common scenario that upon completion of the upcoming year’s business plan and budget, the leadership team decides to consider two or three major initiatives midway through the year, and wants to see the projected impact of each one on the budget for this year as well as the following fiscal years.

It is a challenge to build the scenarios in a flexible manner, with the ability to include or remove each scenario as required by management. The solution is to build a dynamic scenario-based forecast that allows for this type of flexibility, which is so necessary in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business environment.

This virtual classroom will use a case study to build a robust rolling forecast model, account for multiple scenarios, and demonstrate using external parameters as drivers. The goal is to effectively integrate scenario planning into your forecasting process, allowing you to make effective business decisions.

The virtual classroom is an online learning platform that allows you to connect with experts and your peers to ask questions, share ideas and participate in real time. It is a premium digital experience, featuring live group work and an interactive case study to reinforce concepts.

Note: Space is limited to the first 25 people who register.

You will learn about:

  • building a high-level baseline forecast
  • creating a dynamic rolling forecast model
  • what a good budgeting model should do
  • measuring the impact of various business scenarios on the bottom line (or other applicable metric)

Who should attend?

  • middle management and staff responsible for budgeting and forecasting in a for-profit environment
  • consultants and business advisors

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