Pricing and customer profitability

Understanding how pricing and customer profitability affect your bottom line is the first step toward maximizing it. This self-paced online course will help increase your understanding and support better decision-making for pricing and profitability.

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Organizations can significantly increase their bottom lines by better understanding the importance of contribution margin, pricing and customer profitability.

Customers that contribute the largest amount of revenue are not necessarily the most profitable. This course will provide you with examples that look critically at customer profitability, and demonstrate how a contribution margin income statement and cost-volume-profit analysis can lead to more effective decision-making and planning.

This course also provides a high-level overview of the importance of, and key ingredients in, creating an effective pricing strategy, and will act as a useful roadmap to help increase your bottom line and begin your journey managing profitability and pricing.

Note: This course is a part of the Performance Management and Strategy Certificate.

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6 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • mastering the contribution margin approach
  • understanding customer profitability
  • understanding factors related to pricing
  • using pricing as a competitive tool

Who should attend?

Mid-level professionals with experience across a variety of industries, including:

  • business professionals working in industry
  • retail, manufacturing and consumer goods industries professionals
  • consultants, sales and finance professionals

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