PM Capstone Agenda

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This is the agenda for
Note: there will be pre-work required before and in-between sessions consisting of several short readings and cases as well as completing the Harvard Business School BSC simulation.
Module 1: Understand your strategy and competitive position

• Understand the importance of a clear strategy and customer value proposition.
• Using the three tests and the 5 P’s of business strategy, assess the quality and fit of your organization’s strategy.

Module 2: Improving Your Organization’s Product

• Using a value curve, analyze your competitive positioning
• Understand the impact of an effective pricing strategy
• Using a value curve, understand fit between strategic positioning and pricing
• Using an 8 step process, understand how to maximize revenue through pricing.

Module 3: Process and People improvement tools

• Understand some key tools to improve performance including:
o Activity based cost management
o Process management

Module 4: Translating the 5Ps of strategy into objectives and a strategy map

• Translate the 5 P’s of business strategy into a strategy map and objectives
• Introduction to the HBS simulation for completion between session 1 and 2

Module 5: Building and Using a BSC

• Using a 5 steps process, understand the key elements to build a successful balanced scorecard.
• Using a balanced scorecard, analyze organizational results based on BSC scores.

Module 6: Using the BSC to improve performance

• Using BSC scores, diagnose strategic vs operational issues
• Improving Customer value proposition (CVP) using Blue Ocean Strategy and the Consumption Chain
• Improving Process and People using Root Cause Analysis
• Understand how the concept of Design Thinking improves CVPs and processes
• Debrief the Harvard BSC Sim and have a shot to improve your score live in-class.