Performance management and strategy certificate: Part II

Get a deeper, hands-on understanding of performance management and strategy in this capstone session by working through an interactive Harvard Business School simulation.

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Location and date:
Online April 1-8, 2020
Online June 23-24, 2020

Building on the material covered in Part I, this facilitator-led capstone session will help you learn how to translate strategy into action and achieve your organization’s performance goals.

Review and gain hands-on experience from concepts covered in Part 1 while being introduced to new and cutting-edge tools.

Get hands-on experience by working through several interactive examples, cases and discussions in class over two half-day online sessions. This includes a Harvard Business School simulation that explores the benefits and challenges of implementing balanced scorecards in a real-world context. Learn the deep connection between effective strategy and execution through several rounds of simulated decision making, resulting in business outcomes.

Improve your products and services through examining strategic pricing, competitive positioning using value curves, target customers and customer profitability.

Get introduced to new and exciting concepts such as design thinking and value curves to utilize in your business.

You will also have an opportunity to network with peers and learn from others in various industries and roles attending the capstone.


This capstone is split into two half-day online sessions

  • Virtual: April 1 and 8, 2020 (2-half days)
  • Virtual: June 23 and 24, 2020 (2-half days)

Note: Part I is a prerequisite to Part II. To earn the Performance Management and Strategy Certificate, the final capstone session is mandatory.

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  • Process-Based Management
  • Scenario Planning

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10 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • assessing your organization’s strategic positioning
  • assessing the quality of your organization’s strategy through the five P’s of business strategy
  • using a value curve, understanding fit between strategic positioning and pricing
  • using the eight-step process, understanding ways to maximize revenue through pricing
  • building a balanced scorecard and using it to assess and improve performance
  • improving processes and consumer value proposition with design thinking
  • Blue Ocean strategy and the consumption chain aligning strategy with organizational initiatives
  • how the concept of design thinking improves CVPs and processes
  • cascading strategic goals throughout your organization
  • improving processes and people through key tools such as root-cause analysis

Who should attend?

  • CPAs
  • business professionals in industry, retail, manufacturing and CPG
  • mid-level to senior-level leaders with more than five years of experience
  • operations managers, strategic planners, consultants, sales and finance professionals

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Module 1: Understand your strategy and competitive position
• Understand the importance of a clear strategy and customer value proposition.
• Using the three tests and the 5 P’s of business strategy, assess the quality and fit of your organization’s strategy.

Module 2: Improving Your Organization’s Product
• Using a value curve, analyze your competitive positioning
• Understand the impact of an effective pricing strategy
• Using a value curve, understand fit between strategic positioning and pricing
• Using an 8 step process, understand how to maximize revenue through pricing.

Module 3: Process and People improvement tools
• Understand some key tools to improve performance including:
o Activity based cost management
o Process management

Module 4: Translating the 5Ps of strategy into objectives and a strategy map
• Translate the 5 P’s of business strategy into a strategy map and objectives
• Introduction to the HBS simulation for completion between session 1 and 2

Module 5: Building and Using a BSC
• Using a 5 steps process, understand the key elements to build a successful balanced scorecard.
• Using a balanced scorecard, analyze organizational results based on BSC scores.

Module 6: Using the BSC to improve performance
• Using BSC scores, diagnose strategic vs operational issues
• Improving Customer value proposition (CVP) using Blue Ocean Strategy and the Consumption Chain
• Improving Process and People using Root Cause Analysis
• Understand how the concept of Design Thinking improves CVPs and processes
• Debrief the Harvard BSC Sim and have a shot to improve your score live in-class.

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