Performance management and strategy certificate: Part I

Build a strong foundation in core PM concepts as you learn how to integrate practical tools, set the right performance targets and generate meaningful insights for your organization

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Skills in performance management will help differentiate you as a leader in today’s complex business environment. And good leaders need the right tools to succeed.

In this course, you will focus on key topics in performance management and strategy – from value propositions and pricing to customer profitability. Learn how to tie essential PM concepts to strategic goals to help your organization achieve strong performance outcomes.

Note: Part I is a prerequisite to Part II. Part I can be taken independently; however, it is recommended that you complete both components for practical application.

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You will learn about:

  • organizational performance management
  • strategic positioning
    • value proposition
    • consumption chain
    • competitive analysis
  • cascading goals
  • strategy mapping
  • balanced scorecards
  • strategic pricing
  • cost management
  • customer profitability

Who should attend?

  • CPAs
  • business professionals working in industry
  • retail, manufacturing and consumer goods industries professionals
  • mid-level professionals and senior business and accounting leaders with more than five years of experience
  • operations managers, strategic planners, consultants, sales and finance professionals

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Session Descriptions

Understanding your business
This module will help you think critically about your competitive positioning by revisiting and refreshing your knowledge of key business tools and ideas.

- Review the elements of a good situation analysis and tools to use for that assessment such as: SWOT, mission and vision, the competitive environment, financial analysis among others discussed.
- Understanding your strategic position in the market defined by your value proposition, product market focus and other elements discussed in the module.
- Strategy mapping and the importance of gaining clarity on and decomposing corporate goals to easily translate into the strategy map.

Pricing and Profitability : Understand how to make your organization profitable
This module will provide a solid understanding of the many factors that influence your contribution margin, and the types of thinking and planning that go into the maximization of contribution margin. Pricing and product costs are components of this.

- Understanding contribution margin, cost behaviors and cost-volume profit analysis.
- Pricing as a competitive tool, including the customer value formula and a high level discussion on pricing processes and infrastructure.
- Customer profitability analysis.

Understand how to make your organization Profitable: Analyzing Profitability
This module finishes the discussion on cost behaviors and takes the learner through a breadth of performance improvement tools.

- Fixed cost behavior
- Activity based costing and other cost improvement techniques
- Introduction to several useful performance improvement techniques such as process management, value chain analysis, business process re-engineering

Tools for Optimal Performance
This module continues the discussion on performance improvement tools and looks deeper into validating the connections made through the strategy map.

- Validating strategy map linkages up to the overarching strategic goals of the organization by thinking critically about the cause-effect relationships.
- Thinking more strategically about forecasting and other tools such as the consumption chain.
- Laying a foundation to begin thinking about how to cascade goals throughout an organization.

Using a Scorecard for Maximum Performance
This module dives into the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a performance tool to round off your performance management and measurement systems.

- The BSC as a performance management tool
- Steps to creating an effective BSC
- Cascading objectives in the BSC
- Weighting and scoring the BSC objectives

Analyzing Results and Making Strategic and Operational Adjustments
This module focuses on looking at the performance results once the BSC is in place.

- Best practices in analyzing scores
- Developing a plan of action based on results
- Examining root causes and determining if strategic or operational changes need to be made based on results

Frequently asked questions:

How long do I have to complete this course?

This course must be completed within one year of enrollment, with the possibility of one extension of six months.

What are the certificate program requirements?

To be deemed as having completed the program, a participant must successfully complete the online modules in this course and attend the Performance Management and Strategy Certificate Part 2 capstone session.

How can I apply this course toward the Performance Management and Strategy Certificate?

Once you have successfully completed this course, register and participate in the next upcoming Performance Management and Strategy Certificate Part 2 capstone session to complete and obtain the full certificate.

How long after completing this course can I take the capstone session?

You must participate in a Performance Management and Strategy Certificate Part 2 capstone session within 2 years of completing the online component in order to be able to apply both towards the full certificate.


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