International trade webinars with Export Development Canada

Keep up to date on issues in global business, finance and trade with this free webinar series for CPAs.

Get updates on a variety of trade topics that are relevant to your work as a CPA. These expert-led sessions, presented by CPA Canada in partnership with Export Development Canada, will not only enhance your international trade knowledge, but help you make smarter business decisions.

Bringing the best out of Brexit

With the possibility of a “no deal” Brexit on the table, what kind of trade relationship can we expect between Canada and the UK? The questions are numerous and the stakes are high.

Making the connection with new customers

Learn how to reach with the business connections you need to stay competitive and succeed in a global marketplace.

Selling your services to the world

From management consultants to IT professionals, service exporters are gearing up to take advantage of emerging global opportunities. Are you ready?

Growing south: How small businesses can sell to the U.S

For many small businesses, the complications of exporting south of the border can be overwhelming. Find out how to overcome those challenges.

CETA: Your introduction to 500 million EU consumers

Tap into new markets across the pond. CETA makes it easier than ever for Canadian companies to do business in the EU.

How to manage risk in international business

Learn how to identify, plan for and manage export risks while growing your business internationally with insights from the experts.

How to benefit from Canada’s new free trade agreement (CPTPP)

Explore the latest intel on Canada’s new free trade agreement with 10 countries that are part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.