Finding success through resilience and adaptability: Contemporary matters broadcast series

Resilience – the ability to react and adapt – is key to business success. Learn more about contemporary matters and trends that are relevant to the world of business and accounting.

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The capacity for resilience can make all the difference between boom and bust for your organization. Do you know how your business will be affected by future developments in the economy and society?

New to CPA Canada, the Contemporary Matters broadcast series explores matters and trends that are relevant to the world of business and accounting. In this broadcast, listen to various experts and organizations who have adopted comprehensive disclosures focusing on the areas of integrated reporting, climate disclosures, and natural capital, and what benefits they have been able to achieve.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear from an industry expert about what organizations need to know today when determining whether they should make a significant capital expenditure.

Video 1: How to Design a 21st Century CAPEX Request Form

As we move through the 21st century, there are increasing interdependencies between the environment, society and businesses. In this segment, learn how to adapt the traditional business case to assess initiatives that have long-run environmental and social impacts, as well as how to present these business cases to CFOs.

Video 2: Global Financial Stability – Climate Disclosure to the Rescue?

Climate change poses systemic and systematic risks to global financial stability. Increasingly, investors, regulators, stock exchanges, rating agencies and others are seeking enhanced disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities. In this segment, learn about evolving investor expectations for climate information. Explore opportunities and challenges for adoption of the disclosure recommendations in Canada and explore the roles of the finance and business communities in enhancing climate-related disclosures.

Video 3: Sustainable and Integrated Reporting – Why CPAs Should Care

Investors and other stakeholders are increasing their reliance on information outside of financial statements. In this segment, explore the relevance of sustainable and integrated reporting to CPAs – What are the current trends in Corporate Responsibility Reporting? What are the differences between sustainability reports and integrated reports? How should CPAs be involved?

Video 4: Natural Capital – Opportunities and Innovation

The great outdoors – what is it worth to you? In this segment, understand what natural capital is, as well as how to value it based on the impact it has on the economy.

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You will learn about:

  • how to design a 21st century capital expenditure request form
  • global financial stability — climate disclosure to the rescue?
  • sustainable and integrated reporting – why CPAs should care
  • natural capital

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