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This is the agenda for Public Sector Financial Management
Public Sector Financial Management
The Public Sector Context

• Being able to identify the public sector context from both a general and a financial management perspective
• Being able to recognize the unique qualities and importance of financial management in the public sector
• Being able to explain the delivery of public services and goods
• Being able to describe the key competencies necessary for effective financial management in the public sector

Governance and Accountability

• Being able to identify the key areas critical to successful governance and accountability in the public sector
• Knowing how to explain the attributes of governance and oversight
• Being able to describe accountability and risk management in the public sector

Effective Resource Management

• Being able to explain resource management and how the financial professional can add value as a skillful resource manager
• Knowing the nature and characteristics of effective resource management
• Knowing how to use logic models
• Being able to identify stakeholders, external monitoring, strategic reviews and reallocation

Planning, Budgeting and Costing

• Being able to explain the nature of planning and budgeting in the public sector, along with the most relevant topics
• Knowing how to plan and budget in public sector finance
• Being able to identify effective planning and budgeting techniques
• Being able to explain costing and accounting and how they relate to budgeting
• Knowing how to ensure the sustainability of programming through the budget process

Performance Management and Measurement

• Being able to recognize leading ways that performance can be managed and measured for optimal results
• Knowing how to identify performance management and measurement in the public sector
• Being able to explain performance improvement opportunities in the public sector
• Being able to link performance management to financial management and describe the role of public sector financial professionals