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Evidence-based decision making in the public sector

The public sector is using new data sources to promote innovation and advance initiatives. Get the skills you need to gather evidence, interpret data and use it to make recommendations to decision makers.

Decisions are made based on evidence. But how do you get started with making evidence-based decisions? What is the best way to gather evidence, interpret it and use it to make recommendations to decision makers?

Evidence requirements change as you move from the idea stage through to a final go/no go decision, and it is vital to effective decision making that you and decision makers understand the limitations of the data used.

Designed for public sector professionals, this virtual classroom will guide you through an interactive case study and group discussions about the right tools and strategies to use when implementing evidence-based decision making. Join Michael Lionais, CPA, CMA, as he shares insights on how to help maintain an efficient government by providing you with the tools needed to evaluate and make recommendations on initiatives such as programs and policies.

CPA Canada’s virtual classroom is an online learning platform that allows you to connect with experts and peers to ask questions, share ideas and participate in real time. It is a premium digital experience, featuring an interactive case study and live group work.

Note: Space is limited to the first 25 people who register.

You will learn about:

  • why not all evidence is equal
  • how to assess evidence requirements at different decision points and adapt analysis to reflect your assessment
  • how to position your recommendation in light of where you are on the decision-making continuum
  • why recommendations may change as evidence quality evolves
  • the role of emotions and psychology in decision making
  • how to review your analysis to see if a different paradigm or personal assumptions may lead to a different decision

Who should attend?

  • financial professionals in the public sector
  • CPAs who work with public sector bodies

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