The compliance life cycle: NFPOs and registered charities

Follow the life cycle of a not-for-profit or charity organization from start to finish, and learn how to connect its mission to successful implementation strategies that comply with relevant regulation and legislation.

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From the time a not-for-profit or charity is first conceived and throughout its organizational life cycle, leaders have a dual responsibility to uphold: to keep the vision alive and to ensure that the implementation of that vision complies with the relevant regulatory environments.

This webinar will follow that life cycle from start to wind-down. It will identify the most common areas of relevant regulation and legislation, from incorporation through registration as a charity to operations, growth, fundraising and the disbursement of resources.

You will learn to answer questions such as:

  • What if CRA declines my application for registered charity status?
  • As the organization evolves and the transactions we enter into become more complex, may we be inadvertently attracting tax or other reporting obligations?
  • How can we wind up or deregister without leaving behind unmet tax and reporting obligations?

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • how to identify which areas of regulation are applicable to your organization at different life cycle stages of the organization
  • where to find the resources needed to ensure compliance
  • the risks of non-compliance

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