AcSB’s projects for not-for-profit organizations in the private sector: Stay up to date

Participate in this webinar to learn about the AcSB’s current and future projects for not-for-profit organizations in the private sector.

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The Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) has approved three projects that will improve the standards followed by not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) in the private sector. These projects are in response to the feedback from private sector stakeholders to the April 2013 AcSB/PSAB joint Statement of Principles, “Improvements to Not-for-Profit Standards.”

The new projects include:

  • accounting standards improvements (short term)
  • reporting controlled and related entities (medium term)
  • contributions (long term)

The AcSB has also created a new Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee to assist the AcSB in improving the standards for NFPOs in the private sector.

Participate in the AcSB’S webinar to:

  • learn more about the AcSB’s activities for NFPOs in the private sector, including the AcSB’s next steps
  • get details about the new committee

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