IFRS and global standards: Canadian perspective

This is a rare opportunity to ask questions of International Accounting Standards Board Chair Hans Hoogervorst about IFRS and the role that Canada plays in influencing the development of international standards.

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Hosted by the Chair of the Accounting Standards Board, Linda Mezon, they will discuss the work of the IASB to establish International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as the global standard for financial information, as well as the role that Canada plays in influencing the development of international standards.

Linda will moderate the first-ever public Q&A with visiting IASB guests, asking them questions submitted by webinar registrants, eliciting an open and insightful discussion about the financial reporting environment in Canada under IFRS.

When you register, give us your question(s) on the following or other topics:

  • complexity in accounting standards  
  • disclosure overload 
  • global effective dates of new standards
  • key implementation concerns for revenue and credit impairment
  • latest developments on leases or insurance and other projects

Additional options and pricing may be available. See pricing and registration for more details.

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