RBC international business webinar

Join us on December 9, 2015 as RBC experts speak about international business.

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Conducting business across borders — what your clients need to know

Are your clients looking to grow their business by:

  • entering international markets
  • acquiring new clients
  • expanding their business in existing markets with existing clients

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges that buyers and sellers face as they conduct trade business across borders and will offer ways to mitigate risks and spot opportunities to maximize working capital as their supply chain adapts.

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1 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • current international market conditions and opportunities
  • how to mitigate the risks encountered in international sales
  • financing options to maximize working capital and cash flow
  • simplifying the complexity of trade finance

Post your questions about:

  • how to finance your lengthening supply chain
  • how to get paid
  • what could go wrong
  • how to source working capital

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