Business analytics, part 2: Implementing analytics in your organization

This webinar goes beyond the basics of analytical thinking covered in part 1 and discusses the steps you need to take next for successful implementation.

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Today’s organizations are faced with an overwhelming amount of data that often hinders rather than helps their decision-making processes. Instead of finding insight, organizations are often faced with a fog of ambiguity and uncertainty.

This webinar presents the ways you can use business analytics to successfully help your organization move beyond a culture of “I think” to “I know,” and from small wins to long-term effectiveness.

Learn about the benefits of using analytic decision-making in your organization, the things you need to have in place for successful implementation and next steps to make analytics work for you.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • determining if your organization is ready for business analytics
  • making the case for analytics in their organization
  • identifying the best opportunities to prepare your organization for implementation
  • developing a strategy and tools for applying analytical thinking throughout your organization

Who should attend?

  • managers
  • senior managers
  • controllers
  • directors
  • analysts
  • auditors
  • accountants
  • senior accountants

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This webinar outlines the basics of how to apply analytical thinking to big data so you can make better business decisions for your organization.


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