Quick month-end reporting in three days or less, part 1

If your month-end takes more than three days, and the monthly management reports are too large and not error-free, then this is a must-attend webinar series.

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This webinar is Part 1 of the Quick Month-End Reporting in Three Days or Less webinar series.

Moving to quick reporting will:

  • free the finance team to look into the future instead of being the organization's historians
  • have a profound impact on:
    • how finance is perceived in the organization
    • morale and job satisfaction within the finance team

Shortening the team needed for the reporting process is the first step along the journey to becoming a lean finance team.

This webinar will assist you to:

  • complete your month-end in three working days or less, error free
  • have peace of mind knowing your reporting process is robust
  • adopt agile techniques to re-engineer processes

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the lean best practices to get your next month-end completed in three working days or less
  • quality assurance processes:
    • bullet proof numbers
    • reporting planning
    • word structure
  • winning agile practices:
    • closing on the same day each month
    • "post-it" re-engineering
    • Kanban and Scrum process for workflow implementation
  • case studies on quick month-end (day one reporting and virtual closing)

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