Women's leadership council: Advancing women in leadership

CPA Canada's Women's Leadership Council (WLC) offers resources and education to further the advancement of women in the profession and provides support through a variety of initiatives such as webinars, profiles, conferences and resources.

Despite advances in gender equality, there is still work to be done. In the CPA profession, women and men develop similar skills to be successful, but their career journeys are different.

Best practice women's initiatives or gender diversity programs create awareness of an uneven playing field that does not provide equal career development opportunities for all.

The WLC acts as a catalyst for change, promoting a work environment within the accounting profession that supports the retention, promotion and advancement of women to positions of leadership without bias, unintended or otherwise, based on gender. We provide tools, webinars and access to conferences to further women's advancement in the profession.

If this is an area of interest to you or your organization, please contact Karen McCardle, director, Research, Guidance and Support.