Show up like a coach

Coaching isn’t just a skillset; it’s a mindset that can make all the difference in business. Empower your team and boost performance with evidence-based insights from corporate executive coach, Jennifer Gervès-Keen.

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Our world is more connected than ever before. And, paradoxically, people are feeling more disconnected. Understanding the basic tools of coaching and how to use them is essentially rewiring how you communicate, and it will make you more effective at both leadership and your own life.

Our organizations struggle to set individuals up for success. Much of that responsibility falls on our leaders. There is so much going on in any given organization — the pressure to keep up with changing economics, increasing customer demands, ever-changing norms, desires of employees, changing values and constant ambiguity — it can bog leaders down. Making the time to focus on the person in front of you is challenging, yet it is the only way to move people and organizations forward in a truly sustainable manner.

This book will provide you with a toolbox of essential coaching tools, such as listening intently, communicating effectively and being endlessly curious. It will also discuss the mindset of coaching (a generous, non-judgmental way of seeing the world and not being afraid to speak the truth) and why even though people understand and appreciate this approach intellectually, they are often incapable of actually carrying it out.

Show Up Like a Coach was recently featured in Harvey Schachter’s well-respected management column for the Globe and Mail. It appeared in the Quick Hits section, where he highlighted advice from the author on smart communication strategies for corporate leaders.


Founder of JGK Consulting, Jennifer Gervès-Keen, MCEC, is an award-winning executive coach, facilitator and speaker who is known for her direct, honest approach (not to mention her distinctive footwear). A passionate life-long learner and a huge believer in the power of words (on average finishing three to four books every week), Jennifer is constantly pushing her clients to read, listen and learn. Her innate business acumen and her in-depth knowledge of organizational dynamics, coupled with her international experience, make her unique in the coaching profession. A sought-after consultant and coach, Jennifer is committed to her clients’ success and is truly seen as an enterprise-wide business partner who leaves a positive impact on the entirety of every organization she works with.

Continually fascinated by humanity’s forces and flaws, she views the world as a grand experiment and never gets bored with exploring the motivations behind human behaviour. When she is not travelling, you can find Jennifer on the west coast of Canada singing away to 80s songs in her Mini Cooper or enjoying time with her family and friends.