Career navigation: Toolkit for women - Advancing women in the profession

Learn how to overcome barriers and challenges in your career. This toolkit is specifically for women in the accounting profession.

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Do you often find yourself wondering what you should do next in your accounting career? Are you a female accounting professional in need of mentoring? Read Career Navigation: Toolkit for Women: Advancing Women in the Profession for help answering these questions:

  • Do I really want that promotion?
  • Why didn't I get that promotion?
  • Why does it seem as if others are moving past me?
  • Is having a family going to affect my career aspirations?
  • Is there something else that I should be doing to help advance my career? 
  • What exactly should I be doing to get ahead?
  • How can I network more successfully?
  • How important is navigation to my career progress?
  • Can I have a career and a home life?

You will also learn: 

  • seven success factors for women in accounting
  • tips on better networking
  • key elements of business and relationship development
  • career/life integration
  • personal development
  • exercises to help you reflect on your personal experiences