Advancing women in leadership: Q&A

There's a gender pay gap in Canada. Learn more about the hurdles women face on the path to advancement, and the three business cases for gender equality in the CPA profession.

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Advancing Women in Leadership: Business Case Q&A explores the value proposition that women in leadership positions are good for business. Research shows that women in senior leadership positions and on corporate boards lead to a higher return on investment, bring greater diversity of experience and thought to discussions, and are more representative of the market in which businesses operate.

While there is a return on investment in attracting, retaining and promoting women, there is also another element to consider — a sense of fair play.

The Q&A includes:

  • examples of the hurdles women face
  • the three cases for gender equality (the business case, the personal case, and the moral case)
  • what can be done to help women advance in the profession
  • links to additional resources
  • tips on how to get involved with Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) initiatives
  • an infographic on advancing women in leadership