Educating professionals: Ethics and judgment in a changing learning environment

CPA Canada partnered with the University of Toronto in a one-day symposium on best practices for teaching the principles of ethics and professional judgment within five different professions. Read the collection of the symposium participants' papers as well as solicited input.

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Some of the key challenges facing a professional accountant is to understand and manage their ethical responsibilities using ethical decision making and apply professional judgment while balancing ever-increasing technical knowledge.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) partnered with the University of Toronto to bring together five different professions in the Educating Professional Symposium to zero in on best practices for teaching the principles of ethics and professional judgment.

Educating Professionals: Ethics and Judgment in a Changing Learning Environment provides the thought papers and a summary of the commentary from the symposium including highlights, reflections and observations made by academics and practitioners from different professions across Canada before, during and after the symposium.

You will learn about:

  • perspectives on teaching and learning professionalism across five education disciplines:
    • education
    • health care
    • engineering
    • law
    • accounting
  • how the educational and professional landscape is changing
  • the potential impact on professional education through the lens of ethics and professional judgment


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