Elearning opportunities with Business Learning Institute

Explore the new professional developments options for members through CPA Canada’s partnership with the Business Learning Institute.

The Business Learning Institute’s products are designed for a new breed of professional accountant.

Gain up-to-date skills and bring the most current business knowledge to the table, along with strong leadership, financial acumen and the ability to integrate ideas and data that go beyond the numbers.

Feature course

The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition

This accelerated program, designed by Daniel Burrus, teaches CPAs and other business professionals about anticipatory thinking and forecasting.

The curriculum features four modules with rapid application exercises and case studies to encourage learning by doing, with an exclusive focus on training for accounting and finance executives.

“Identifying future trends and seizing the opportunities in the present is the key to our success, and it’s a skill we can learn.” – Daniel Burrus

Other courses include:

  • From Technical Expert to Financial Leader: How to Make a Critical Leap in Your Career
  • How the Best Financial Executives Create High Performing Organizations
  • Powerful Communications Series: The 8-Hour MBA
  • Seven Secrets of Successful Business Communication
  • The Finance and Accounting Organization as Strategist and Partner to the Business