Vik Maraj

Vik's two primary roles in Unstoppable are to drive the innovation of programs through learning from other disciplines and to expand its ability to impact people faster and more deeply.

Although Vik had been working with organizations for years, in 2008 he participated in the Landmark Forum which delivered a powerful “wake up” that left him with a penetrating insight into his taken-for-granted views that limited his life and what was possible. Within the process of his own transformation he also saw what it actually takes to make a real difference with people. Vik has been speaking on, teaching, facilitating, coaching and leading game-changing conversations for over 13 years. His work has dramatically shifted governments, corporations, boards, non-profits and teams of people.

Vik's clients have ranged from the United Way to the United Nations; from the First Nations of Nunavut to the Government of Dubai. He has broken a deadlocked four-billion dollar international impasse on carbon capture and sequestration and taught negotiation and hostage negotiation to the RCMP. And at the most human level, Vik has permanently and positively transformed the relationships, quality of life and futures of communities, organizations and families.

He has a master’s degree in molecular and cell biology, is trained in high stakes conflict, ontology, group behaviour, neuro-linguistic programming and the use of language systems in shaping human thinking and behaviour. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of a now 200+ person international education design company.

And most impressive of all, he can wiggle his little toes independent of the other toes and apologizes for the necessity of self-aggrandizing biographies written in the third person that were clearly authored by the subject of the biography himself!


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