Ugo Cloutier

Ugo holds a bachelor's degree (Business Administration) in finance and in accounting, a Specialized Graduate Diploma in public accounting (HEC Montréal) and is a CPA with an auditor's license. He is also a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) (American Institute of CPA), a title distinguishing CPAs with the unique ability to bridge between business and technology, with additional training and experience in IT assurance, risk, security and privacy, analytics and technology.

Ugo began his career at the National Bank of Canada in Montreal. Later, he joined Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Creating and acquiring a number of companies gave birth to Nucleus Management, a holding company that operates businesses in various fields, including technology, marketing, human resources, management and training.

Today, the main company operated by Nucleus Management is a digital marketing agency, Taktik Communication, specializing in web strategy, website creation and community management.

In 2010, Ugo also launched an accounting and consulting firm, which advises executives and business owners on coaching and strategic planning. The firm specializes in start-ups and growth companies, mergers and acquisitions, and tax planning, mostly in the field of technology.

Since 2017, in collaboration with experts from Montreal and Silicon Valley, Ugo has also set up an ambitious large-scale "mining" project, Metric Mining, a server farm offering enormous cryptographic computing power to service the various blockchains. Ugo has been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2015 and has participated in many Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), both in private and public sales. He’s recognized for his ability to bring together his expertise in accounting, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.