Tammy Myers

Tammy began her career with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at the Summerside Tax Centre in October 1993 where she gained operational experience in various capacities. Relocating to Ottawa in 1996, she worked in Business Returns Directorate in the GST/HST Program. Since 2006, she held a number of managerial and leadership positions with increasing responsibility within the Assessment, Benefit and Service Branch (ABSB) with a focus on digital services. She has led several large horizontal digital service initiatives in the Agency, including the implementation of Online Mail, Submit Documents, and Mobile Applications. Tammy held the position of Director, Individual Program Transformation Division, Collections and Verification Branch (CVB), Director, Operations Division, International, Large Business and Investigations Branch (ILBIB). Tammy joined the GST/HST Directorate as A/Director General in December 2018 and is now the Director of the Computer Audit Specialist Division.

Tammy has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Prince Edward Island and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from the Sprott School of Business.