Steve Fortin

Steve is associate professor of accounting at the Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, and has been with McGill since 1999. He is the Richter Teaching Fellow and is the academic director in charge of all activities of the MBA programs at the Desautels Faculty, from both academic and administrative aspects. Steve is also the academic director — Director’s Education Program responsible for the academic content of the Institute of Corporate Director’s Program at McGill.

Steve is bilingual and has practice experience serving smaller business organizations and not-for-profit organizations. Through his academic studies, he gained experience with public companies. He is an active researcher on a range of topics, including financial instruments, hedge accounting, fair value measurement, related party disclosures and audit quality. Steve is a member of the editorial boards of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation and Contemporary Accounting Research.

He lives in Montreal.