Ryan Decker, PhD

Ryan is a manager at PwC in the United States, where he works predominantly in the Financial Transactions Transfer Pricing practice. He earned a PhD in economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and then began his career with PwC in 2012. Ryan is becoming a national expert on treasury-related transfer pricing issues and has assisted treasury and tax teams in designing, pricing and documenting transactions including intercompany revolvers, loans, cash pooling and other financial instruments.

Ryan is also experienced in performing macro- and microeconomic research and analyses relating to a variety of issues, including transfer pricing adjustments in recessionary environments, the economic useful life of advertising, incentives within licensing arrangements, profit split methodologies encompassing multiple taxing jurisdictions and negative interest rates.

Additionally, Ryan is passionate about economic education and financial literacy at all levels of society. Ryan is an experienced public speaker on financial literacy topics ranging from behavioural economics, corporate financial benefits, secondary and university level financial literacy curriculum, and other wealth management topics. Ryan believes that every member of society should have the opportunity to be financially literate in order to make educated decisions regarding their personal and professional lives.