Paul Lynch

Paul has over 30 years of tax experience including 18 years with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). He currently leads the Tax Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice for KPMG in Canada and serves on the steering committee for KPMG’s Global Tax Dispute Resolution & Controversy practice.

Paul provides expert tactical and strategic advice for interactions with the Canada Revenue Agency and other revenue authorities.

Paul joined KPMG from the CRA. Prior to his departure from CRA, Paul was Director General of the Tax & Charities Appeals Directorate and also Acting Commissioner of the Appeals Branch. In that capacity, Paul was the final authority for settling the most significant tax disputes, for setting Appeals Branch policies and procedures, and for directing the most sensitive litigation for the CRA.

Paul also held positions managing the Tax Avoidance and Special Audits function for CRA, as secretary for the CRA GAAR Committee and also led CRA’s review and developed its interpretations on interest deductibility and related matters.

Paul knows and understands the internal processes of the CRA, and the flow of files from audit to dispute resolution (competent authority and/or appeals) and litigation. Paul seeks to provide the best solutions in working with the CRA to proactively reduce uncertainty via Rulings or Advance Pricing Arrangements or to settle disputes at the audit or objection stages.