Nathalie Rouchecouste

Nathalie Rochecouste


Nathalie has been a CPA for over two decades and is a certified workplace coach and trainer. During her 30 years of experience in the service industry, she has held a number of management positions in marketing, finance, process management, program/solution development and international development, where she has had the opportunity to coach business clients in exploring new markets.

Nathalie is a consultant who works with SMEs, NFPs (foundations) and financial institutions. Over the last few years, she has developed expertise in coaching SMEs on how to run their businesses.
Nathalie is determined, organized, innovative and results oriented. She is known for being effective and reliable, particularly with projects for which she is responsible. She has a clear understanding of why people struggle with change management and the importance of achieving business objectives.

Nathalie listens to people’s concerns and is also known for her ability to engage, influence, coach and support individuals and teams through the change process. Her passion for people, training and women’s entrepreneurship have shaped her career path. She focuses on helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses, and coaching people who are striving to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.