Michel Tremblay

In his roles as Senior Vice-President, Policy and Research, Michel leads Canada’s foremost team of experts and analysts responsible for providing housing policy advice, insight, research, data and analysis to support informed decision making on housing.

In collaboration with specialists from other CMHC business lines, Michel’s team crafted policy and program recommendations for Canada’s first-ever National Housing Strategy, launched in November 2017. The Policy and Research team also publishes quarterly Housing Market Assessments, recently completed an in-depth review of the factors driving escalating house prices in some markets, and works with a range of partners to fill housing-data gaps.

“In all that we do, we must always consider who we are ultimately working for – Canadians. Housing is essential to their well-being — it is the foundation for safe, healthy living and for all Canadians to have opportunities to participate fully in society.”

Michel also proudly champions CMHC’s efforts to promote equity, diversity and inclusiveness (Gender-based Analysis Plus), both in its workplace and its programming. As the father of two young adult women and a young adult man who lives with autism, he has a personal interest in considering how diverse groups experience CMHC’s policies, programs and initiatives.

Michel joined CMHC in 2005 and has worked in numerous roles in Finance, Audit and Information Technology, as well as serving as Chief of Staff to the President. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and is a Certified Public Accountant. Michel enjoys spending time outdoors, whether it be walking his dog Cooper, relaxing while reading a book, swimming, cycling or snowshoeing. He lives in Rockland, a small town east of Ottawa, with his wife and son.