Michael Mills, BA, MA

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As vice-president, Investments at PPP Canada, Michael and his team assist clients from all levels of government in developing sound public-private partnership (P3) procurement and implementation strategies; optimizing the commercial and financial structures of transactions and risk allocation within the P3 project agreement; and providing advice to enable sponsors to realize value for money through well-executed procurements.

Michael joined PPP Canada in 2009, and was appointed vice-president, Investments, in May 2012. He previously served as a director with the corporation. Prior to joining PPP Canada, Michael worked in various positions with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Industry Canada and Finance Canada. He has worked in federal-provincial fiscal relations and several aspects of aboriginal policy, including aboriginal business and economic development, First Nations education policy and self-government fiscal relations.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in political science and economics from the University of Regina and a Master of Arts in economics from Queen’s University.