Marcel Oestreich

Marcel is an assistant professor on the tenure track at Brock University’s Department of Economics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Guelph, his Masters in Economics from York University, and his Diplom Degree in Business and Economics from the University of Cologne in Germany after concluding a two-year apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank in Cologne.

Marcel is specialized in the fields of environmental economics, carbon finance and game theory. His research examines topics on the efficient design of market-based environmental policies, and includes how emission trading schemes impact regulated industries. He recently published a study on the relationship between stock prices and the allocation of free emissions certificates for companies in the EU Emissions Trading System and has published research papers in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. His current research is supported by a SSHRC Insight Grant with the project title "Carbon Emissions and Global Financial Markets."