Louise Paradis

Louise Paradis is Corporate Secretary and Special Advisor to BDC’s President and CEO. She is also responsible for Real Estate and Facilities Management for BDC.


Prior to this position, Louise was Chief, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary for BDC, as well as Chief Compliance Officer.


Over a 40-year career mainly in the financial sector, Ms. Paradis has acquired extensive experience in legal, administration and compliance matters, as well as human resources, finance and operations.


Ms. Paradis began her career at BDC in 1976 as Legal Counsel and re-joined BDC in 2004 as Vice President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary. She was appointed Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary in 2006. Previously, she was responsible for legal affairs, human resources, the corporate secretariat, operations and administration at the Canadian office of Société Générale.


Ms. Paradis holds a license in Law from McGill University and is a member of the Burreau du Québec.