Keith Strier

Keith is an Irvine, California-based EY advisory principal, serving as Americas artificial intelligence strategy and digital customer offerings leader.

Keith co-authored EY’s global POV on artificial intelligence and developed EY’s conversational UX design and conversational experience management offerings. Some of his recent work includes developing the first Facebook Messenger chatbot for a national Red Cross organization, re-imagining the future of HR in an automated world for a global manufacturer, and designing and building an enterprise chatbot for a U.S. cable company’s 50k employees.

Keith is currently leading a client project to design the world’s first private sector robot scientist with the ambitious goal of automating the end-to-end scientific discovery process from hypothesis formulation through testing. He recently facilitated the Women’s Enterprise Business Network Summit on cognitive procurement, attended by the top 40 chief procurement officers in the United States.

Keith pioneered the application of human-centered design principles to enterprise IT. Combining techniques from viral marketing, consumer design and behavioural science, Keith created a digital-age playbook to activating continuous consumption of technology at work.

Prior to joining EY, Keith was a partner at Deloitte Consulting, serving as global lead client service partner in the life science practices, and as the first Big 4 global chief digital officer from 2011- 2013. In this last role, Keith led the development, design and activation of the first generation of workplace digital experiences for 225,000 employees in 125 countries. Keith also conceived and designed the first native iPad productivity suite, which won a CIO100 Award and was later recognized by Apple, being showcased on its website as one of 12 Breakthrough Enterprise iPad apps of the year.