Kathleen Grace

Kathleen is president of GCS, a consulting firm committed to helping leaders develop their potential and helping organizations to align leadership talent with their strategic business goals. Kathleen has worked inside a Fortune 500 organization, for a large global consulting firm and was a partner in one of the largest Industrial and organizational consulting practices in Canada before founding Grace Consulting Services. She has identified and developed leadership talent for the telecommunications, financial, pharmaceutical, information technology, manufacturing and professional services sectors in North America, Germany and Latin America.

Kathleen holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology and is asked to speak at conferences, both nationally and internationally, on a range of topics including strategic succession management, executive development, corporate coaching and mentoring, women in leadership and leadership integrity.

As a business partner to her clients, Kathleen brings insight and business acumen to bear on strategic succession decisions. Whether she is conducting assessments at the executive level, identifying high-potential future leaders or assessing leadership bench strength during a merger/acquisition transaction, Kathleen’s clients depend on her ability to see people clearly and bring out the best in them. As an executive coach, Kathleen’s approach is direct and open, helping leaders develop self-insight, take risks, leverage untapped strengths and ultimately achieve their true potential.