Karim H. Ismail, MBA

Karim is the founder of Blueprint Programs, a series of group coaching programs focused on self-leadership to help people live a balanced, happy life at their full potential. This unique program provides the Framework, Attitude, Skills and Tools (FAST) to achieve dreams, promises, legacies and life changes which previously seemed “impossible.”

Karim is also the author of Keep Any Promise: a blueprint for designing your future, based on the thinking, tools and techniques he developed over 20 years of managing multi-million dollar architecturally unique buildings and five years of personal research. He applied this thinking to fuel his own dramatic personal transformation after his personal life was completely out of balance and hit rock bottom in 2002/2003, despite huge corporate success. His renewal included climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro less than two years after not being able to walk to the end of his driveway.

Karim’s 15 year audacious goal is to help 5 million individuals transform their lives through becoming the architects of their futures by creating and living their Success Blueprint. His goal is fuelled by his core beliefs:

1. There is tremendous, limitless opportunity for growth and expansion in our lives and in the world. The only barrier to growth is us.
2. Each of us appears on earth with a purpose. Finding and living that purpose is our noblest calling.
3. The faster we want to move in life, the more regularly we must slow down completely to pause, reflect and recharge.
4. It is possible to live every day in flow if we manage our energy carefully. We can feel continually connected, peaceful, stress free and happy, like children do.
5. Each of us has a powerful light within us. When we let that light shine, we illuminate the world. It is this light that can help us co-create our world, making our most audacious dreams possible.

Only when heart, mind, body and soul are in synch can we truly achieve our dreams. Thousands of people are already implementing the strategies outlined in Keep Any Promise to transform their lives.

Karim has more than 20 years of executive-level experience in hospital management and the development of complex health care and cultural facilities worth some $750 million, overcoming major hurdles to see his vision become reality.

He also has 30 years of volunteer management experience, leading senior executive teams in strategic planning, strategic execution and project management.

Karim is a serial entrepreneur, having started, grown and sold a number of businesses. These experiences have helped him create multiple dream jobs.

He graduated with an MBA from University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.