Helen Lakkotrypis

Helen Lakkotrypis


Helen is a former senior manager of a large multi-national accounting firm where she specialized in income taxation. Her client base ranged from privately held entities to large public entities in a variety of industries.

For several years, she was the tax operations manager for Great Toronto Area (GTA) tax at the firm. Amongst other things, in this role, she had responsibilities with respect to education and risk management matters for GTA Tax.

Helen graduated from the University of Toronto in 1993 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and subsequently completed her accounting designation in 1996. While practising in income tax, she also lectured at the university level, facilitated various In-Depth Tax Courses, and instructed at the School of Accountancy.

At present, Helen is a sole practitioner with a client base consisting primarily of privately held entities, provides consulting services to other practitioners in the area of income tax and is one of two consultants to Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) working on the Best Practices in Tax Initiative.