Heather Maitland

Heather is an organizational change management consultant currently working with Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Heather has over 10 years of experience in organizational change management and communication. She holds a master’s degree in communication studies from the University of Calgary and is Prosci-certified.

Heather has provided change support to senior level leaders, middle management and front-line staff. She has been involved in a wide variety of initiatives, including tool and process implementations, project and operating model redesign and organizational restructuring.

Heather has a keen interest in psychology, social collaboration, adult learning and knowledge management. She likes to weave concepts from each of these disciplines into her change practice. Heather is a pragmatist, believing that the best change activities are simple, easy to understand and directly tied to initiative objectives. In Heather’s view, there is no room for fluff or complexity in change management tactics. Heather enjoys teaching others how to execute simple and effective change management activities.