Danielle Levine

Danielle Levine

Title/Position: Director, Interdepartmental New Initiatives
Company: Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia 

Danielle Levine, BA, MBA, is a business educator, program designer and facilitator who believes in the power of transformational education. Through her values-based consulting practice, Danielle supports clients who share her interest in empowering people through entrepreneurship, education and financial literacy. She is Métis, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and has deep knowledge and extensive experience working with Indigenous communities across Canada.

Danielle has worked with a broad range of clients on strategically targeted, community-based education programs.

As the Director of Interdepartmental New Initiatives at CPABC, she is developing a strategy to increase Indigenous representation in the profession while also managing the delivery of a Financial Literacy program for British Columbia. Danielle’s expertise builds on her MBA project, which focused on urban Indigenous financial literacy which has also given her the opportunity to present to a standing committee at the House of Commons.

Danielle’s previous projects have taken her across Canada including working with Indigenous communities in the Canadian north. Danielle has worked with Tides Canada to create Entreprenorth, an Indigenous business accelerator program for Canada’s northern communities.

For the Inuvaluit and Gwichi’in in Inuvik, Danielle developed and delivered a custom food entrepreneurship program for traditional hunters and gatherers.

At the Ch’nook Indigenous Business program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, Danielle developed programs including the first Indigenous real estate competition as well as innovative programs on fraud detection, personal branding and leadership. She has also created a framework for a national Indigenous accelerator program at the university.

Danielle is also the founder of Kanuu Indigenous Innovation Society, a national non-profit organization that focused on Indigenous social entrepreneurship.