Tamara Lockwood

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Tamara Lockwood is a Global Business Strategist, Strategic Leadership Builder, Greatness Activist and Conscious Parent. For over twenty years Tamara has assumed leadership roles in international organizations in Canada and Latin America. Her own Global LifeQuest began in small-town Saskatchewan, and continues now in Alberta, after twenty years living abroad, mainly in Colombia. Along the way she’s collected experiences and perspectives that have shaped her professional expertise and the personal worldview that she actively shares with others as they embark on their LifeQuest.

Tamara pursued her formal studies at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1995. The university experience, most notably with AIESEC, an international youth organization, spurred Tamara’s passion for studying culture, entrepreneurship and life-long learning. Her journey of living abroad, becoming an entrepreneur and raising a family in a foreign culture challenged the foundation of everything, which ultimately improves the depth of knowledge and range of flexibility that she now applies to her LifeQuest workshops and coaching sessions.

While living in Colombia, Tamara worked independently in business communications and performance consulting, and expanded her field of expertise by studying life coaching, neuro-linguistics, accelerated learning techniques, cross-cultural communications, modern psychology and ancient philosophies. With a strong desire to influence others and give back to the community, Tamara was born a “Builder-Humanitarian©”, which influences the projects she has created. LifeQuest Strategies (formerly LEAF Strategies) was born of these interests.

Walking the spiritual path with practical feet, Tamara synthesizes tools and techniques from the business strategy and personal wellness worlds to guide your LifeQuest for Greatness©. As your Navigator, Tamara will share her expertise to help empower your journey to live a more meaningful and successful life.

LifeQuest Strategies offers innovative programs to help people pursue their own LifeQuest for Greatness©. Whether you are on a personal, professional or parenting LifeQuest, we can help you discover your unique path to a more meaningful and successful life, and support you in unleashing your Greatness, which transforms your ability to lead and empower others.

Please visit our website at www.LifeQuestStrategies.com for more information on how unleashing your Greatness improves how you communicate, get results, develop relationships and create synergies with others. Register online and receive a free introduction to our programs