Nicholle Povhe, CPA, CA

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For over twenty years, Nicholle has assumed challenging roles in her desire to balance her career and family. Her education, numerous leadership roles and significant volunteer contributions have developed her professional expertise, success at building relationships, and her commitment to creating positive, progressive change. She is excited to share her skills and optimism with others in her new role as Business Development Partner.

Nicholle began her formal studies at the University of Saskatchewan, in the College of Commerce. She then continued to the Institute of Chartered Accountants, convocating as a Chartered Accountant in 1996. Her AIESEC experience in university and international travel after, provided the basis for understanding the power of valuing differences, embracing change and collaborating with others. Since then, she has become a valued leader in a variety of industries including: professional accounting, manufacturing, financial services, property management, construction and hospitality. Nicholle’s dynamic experience allows her to apply the depth and breadth of knowledge acquired to enhance LifeQuest’s programs and business strategies.

As an Adventurer-Caretaker©, Nicholle is always eager to take on new projects, and to challenge and encourage those around her to become their best. She is a positive role model and strategic leader with her colleagues, for her family, and in her volunteer activities. Six years ago, Nicholle was involved in the original pilot for the LifeQuest for Greatness© program, and it continues to have a profound impact on her personal growth. It is exciting for her to now partner with Tamara, not only to continue unleashing her own Greatness through the endeavor, but also to create new strategies for others on a personal, professional or parenting journey.