Marion Williams FLMI

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Marion Williams is recognized as an innovative and organized academic. Over 20 years’ experience in business management solutions in the office enables her to quickly grasp situations and provide practical problem solving solutions. Marion has been involved in the training of several office productivity programs, with her company and as a sub-contractor for other corporations. Marion is very hands-on; this being attributed to the years of expertise she has gained working with different business sectors.

She is a senior associate with K2E Canada Inc, and has conducted over a hundred seminars for the CPA Associations across Canada. As the owner of a computer consulting company, Marion provides software training and develops databases. She is an instructor for Metafore Technologies, ProTech and DPA Communications in Toronto, Ontario. Marion teaches the Microsoft Office suite, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, specializing in Access and Excel.

In addition, Marion designs, develops, tests and implements custom Access databases using VBA where necessary.

Some databases she has recently worked on:

  • Design and develop database to track employee assets. Developed in Access 2013 (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – 2016)
  • Design, develop and maintain database to store and report detailed information for Victim Services. Developed in Access 2010 (CDVS – 2016)
  • Design, develop and maintain database to schedule and track training for an equipment training company. Developed in Access 2010 (Safe-Tech Training Inc. – 2016)

While working in the insurance industry Marion:

  • Earned the FLMI designation which is a comprehensive business education in the context of the insurance and financial services industry. Specialty in Information Technology
  • Was responsible for the analysis, design and programming of Actuarial Systems for the Corporate Actuarial Division, and providing technical assistance to the user areas
  • Was responsible for the development and maintenance of Actuarial Systems for the Corporate Actuarial Division

Marion enjoys spending time with her family, Ehab, her husband of 25 years and her two adult children who are just completing their education. Marion enjoys travelling – she met her husband in Egypt while Scuba diving.